Vimala Pons


Eusapia Klane

Kythibong / Warriorecords - 2022
LP 5 tracks

01. Eusapia Klane remembers
02. Farewell Paladino
03. The station
04. Arriving in Malaxy
05. The end

Audiobook and Soundtrack from "Le Périmètre de Denver" by Vimala Pons
Recorded at Theodoly's house
Mix by Victor Praud - Zone d'Ombre Studio
Mastering by Tony Chauvin - Retroengineering Mastering
Photo by Makoto chill Ôkubo
Structures by Marie Maresca, Charlotte Wallet, Olivier Boisson
Costumes by Marie La Rocca, Anne Tesson Artwork by Claire-Marine Chassain

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