Kythibong has been a family thing for over twenty years now.
There is no artistic direction in particular except releasing great albums by amazing people.
Three people run the record label : Marion Jdanoff, Anthony and Aymeric Chaslerie.

Reach us at : contact[at]kythibong[dot]org
Or through postal service :
Kythibong / 2 rue du général Leclerc / 44400 Rezé / France

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You're welcome to submit your record projects but we will make this really easy : we usually release albums by people we know because we like it that way.
But if you still want to do so, please note that streaming links are highly preferred.
Also keep in mind that Kythibong is not our main job, we try to listen and reply to every submission but sometimes we just can't.

We work with several distribution companies, shops and distros worldwide.
Feel free to contact us if you want to know if there is one nearby.

Orders through our shop are shipped within 4 days following payment.
Please consider that we are not responsible for lost or damaged orders.