From Speaking Parts To Blazing Rows

Kythibong - 2010
LP + MP3 10 tracks

01. Naked
02. Locked groove
03. Focus
04. Dry out
05. Typing paper
06. Speaking parts
07. The fields
08. Surrounded by ideals
09. Di corsa
10. Make tracks

Guests : Pierre Marolleau, Jean-Michel Blecon, Tall Paul Grundy, Guillaume Donio, Tony Verloc, Sureya Abdou, Nahisa Abdou, Fabien Rocq, Chiara Locardi, Christian Pruvost
Recorded and mixed by Leo and Dudy at Palace Kitchen, Torce, France - July 2009
Pics by Catherine Duverger and Paul Barbissou
Artwork by Emmo Durp

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