"Les reflets de cuivre" from "Sur les bras morts" (2018)

"Parquet miroir" from "Parquet miroir" (2016)

"Je crie" from "Là" (2015)
directed by Julie Redon and Thomas Rabillon

"Feu" from "Délivrance" (2012)
directed by Guillaume Marmin

"Mon sang" from "Rien" (2010)
directed by Angelopoulos


It all began with his grandfather’s organ and his father’s two-strings guitar. Antoine Bellanger started music to spend his nerves on something, obviously. Self- educated and quite lonesome in the outskirts of Angers,FR, he quickly drifted into some- thing more lo-fi and electronic. After several adventures in several bands, he named himself GRATUIT.
On this fourth LP, he left his former synths aside and privileged, ran- domly, the tuba combined with some live code (Supercollider). He then initiated the writing of a tale, some kind of initiatory journey.
A prince, or maybe a king, or maybe a knight gets bored and bemoans his fate. Day after day, he sees the sun in front of him, over the river. He decided to run after him, like a vow to turn back the hands of time.
With this new equipment, Antoine imagined a simple and stripped-down staging, a starter to this live performance. From this whirlwind came "Sur Les Bras Morts".
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Sur Les Bras Morts

Kythibong - 2018
LP 11 tracks

01. Sous le manteau d'or
02. La nuit des temps
03. Quel bel effort
04. Coma
05. La brute m'émerveille
06. Classes classes
07. Volte-face
08. L'apocalypse
09. Le cheval
10. Le quartz colle mon cuir
11. Les reflets de cuivre

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Parquet Miroir

Kythibong - 2016
single-sided & screenprinted 7" 1 track
44 copies

01. Parquet Miroir

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Kythibong/Ego Twister - 2015
digipack CD / LP + MP3 11 tracks

01. Là
02. Je crie
03. Les autres
04. Attendre
05. Je n'ai que faire
06. Je m'élance, lent
07. Et maintenant
08. Ça craque
09. Chut
10. Reviens
11. Au-delà

Mastered at Masterlab
Additional violin : Carla Pallone
Pics by Julie Redon and Thomas Rabillon

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Décennie : Couverture

Kythibong - 2012
cardboard sleeve CD 17 tracks
17 bands from the label covering 17 others for the Kythibong 10th anniversary

01. ROOM 204 - The sleeper (Belone Quartet)
02. FORDAMAGE - No i'm not (Pneu)
03. MARVIN - Intelligent horses (Papier Tigre)
04. LE TON MITÉ - Interrupteur du sol (Choochooshoeshoot)
05. PAPAYE - Eroto manuel (Sieur Et Dame)
06. GRATUIT - 123 Kg (Chausse Trappe)
07. MANSFIELD.TYA - Antsome people (Argument)
08. PAPIER TIGRE - Watermelon frappé (Papaye)
09. 2 CHAUSSE TRAPPE + 1 FORDAMAGE - Bar diving (Room204)
10. 31KNOTS - To clean my thoughts (The Healthy Boy & The Badass Motherfuckers)
11. PIANO CHAT - You're the woman (Mansfield.TYA)
12. ELECTRIC ELECTRIC - Jus de dune (Le Ton Mité)
13. BELONE QUARTET - Aburne (Fordamage)
14. PNEU - Copainscabana (Marvin)
15. CHOOCHOOSHOESHOOT - Mon sang (Gratuit)
16. THE HEALTHY BOY - The left side (Electric Electric)
17. SIEUR ET DAME - Ours molaire (Piano Chat)

Mastered by Carl Saff
Front picture : Scott Henderson
Layout : Kythibong International



Kythibong/Ego Twister/Lespourricords - 2012
jewelbox CD / LP + MP3 10 tracks

01. Seul
02. La promesse
03. Feu
04. Territoire
05. L'odeur de la chair
06. Mes lumières, mes veines
07. Partir
08. Tout casser
09. Le silence des chiens
10. L'omega

Written and composed by Antoine Bellanger except "Territoire" by Julia Lanoë and Antoine Bellanger
Mastered by Ivan Chiossone
Artwork by Yanaïta Araguas

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Kythibong/Ego Twister/Lespourricords/Hang The DJ - 2010
LP 8 tracks

01. Mon sang
02. Je vais me suicider les oreilles
03. Où sont ces gens ?
04. Les plaines défilent
05. Le mal le bien
06. Séduire…
07. On ne pense qu'à nous
08. Rien

Guest : Benjamin Nerot, basse sur "Les plaines défilent"
Made by Antoine bellanger
Mastered by Ivan Chiossone
Pic by Do The Andy Gibbon
Layout and screen-print by Force Béton

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