Danse Musique Rhône-Alpes


"All Noticeable Theories" from "Shit Forest" (2020)
directed by Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy

"Shit Forest" from "Shit Forest" (2020)
directed by DMRA

"Spiritisme Et Nouvelles Technologies" from "Shit Forest" (2020)
directed by DMRA

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Loup Gangloff is Danse Musique Rhône-Alpes, half of Deux Boules Vanille, who hits, among other things, on wooden brackets.

DIY clubbing. A techno, so square in the soul, made with a wobbly appartus, just so we are always anticipating him to take a tumble.

We're at the funfair, around the ghost train: "Do you want some more ?"

File under: techno povera


Shit Forest

Kythibong - 2020
LP + MP3 10 tracks

01 Ocarina Belt
02 Shit Forest
03 Prise Sur Maison-Roche
04 Divination Par Les Brosses
05 Soft Archery
06 Ghoulio Stairtrap
07 Prise Sur Maison-Mère
08 Croisillons
09 All Noticeable Theories
10 Spiritisme Et Nouvelles Technologies

Recorded at Manoir Theodoly and mixed at Studios De La Bonne Musique Rhône-Alpine in 2020 by Loup Gangloff
Danse Musique Rhône-Alpes is Loup Gangloff
Mastered by Brice Kartmann

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