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Areski Belkacem and Brigitte Fontaine met in 1969 on a play project and, shortly after, on the album Comme à la Radio, which Belkacem entirely wrote.
Between 1973 and 1980, they released five albums as a duo, produced in very different conditions, sometimes with very little means, which constitute a vast playground for experimentation.
Belkacem and Fontaine make a music that strolls and hums in the forest, in an empty subway at night, under the plane trees on the village square.
A lively music, informed by gigantic repertoires of traditional, popular, folkloric music, but which held up the guardian of the museum, to be able to escape, go out in the sun and keep on moving.
Belkacem and Fontaine are still collaborating today.
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Vous Et Nous

Kythibong 2018
2xLP + MP3 33 tracks

01. Vous Et Nous
02. Patriarcat
03. Mon Enfance
04. Vent D'Automne
05. Le Serveur Du Dome
06. Je Suis Venu Te Voir
07. Rien Que Changer
08. Le Ciel Est Doux
09. Les Epis
10. Le Repas Des Dromadaires
11. Vous Et Nous
12. L'Amour Parfait
13. Un Soleil
14. Dans Ma Rue
15. L'Orage Est Fini
16. Gamme
17. Le Brin D'Herbe
18. La Harpe Jaune
19. Je T'Aimerai
20. Diabolo
21. Cher
22. Ce N'Est Pas Un Ennemi
23. Encaustique
24. Petit Sapin
25. Mon Lit
26. Je T'Aimerai
27. La Dechirure
28. Le Petit Cheval Bleu
29. Personne
30. Les Roses Sont Farouches
31. Le Bouc
32. Dessin
33. Les Muzdus

Sound : Jean-Pierre Chambard
Mini moog : Jean-Philippe Rykiel
Accordion : Julie Dassin
Percussion : Areski - Rickie and Julie Dassin on “Je suis venu te voir” and “Rien que changer”
Gumbri and bendir : Akka on “Le ciel est doux” and “Dans ma rue”
Guitars and percussion : Areski Belkacem
Vocals : Brigitte Fontaine
Guitars and banjo : Claude Pavi on “Cher”, “Les Muzdus”, “L’amour parfait”, “Ce n’est pas un ennemi”, “Patriarcat” and “Le bouc”
Orchestration : Antoine Duhamel (Studio Davout) on “Vous et nous” and “Je t’aimerai”
Cutting : Simon Davey - The Exchange Vinyl
Artwork : Damien Tran
Originally released in 1977
Under license from Saravah Editions.

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