Vagina Town


"We've got the magic" from "11 love songs" (2016)
Directed by Charlie Mars

"Need money" from "11 love songs" (2016)
Directed by Texas Couscous

"Milk Milk Milk" from "11 love songs" (2016)
Directed by Benjamin Ferré


Originally, Vagina Town was home to Jérémie’s guitar, Gina’s bass, the two of them singing accompanied by a drum machine. Have moved in since, drums with Jérémie and keyboards with Rachel. Rachel sings too, by the way.

Vagina Town smells like garage and 70’s psychedelism, two things that seem to fit to the second decade of 2000. French Loire Atlantique is a little bit like US California, isn’t it ? So we shake our hips, more or less frantically, more or less sensually, with happiness.

File under : naked


11 Love Songs

Kythibong - 2016
Digipack CD / LP + MP3 11 tracks

01. We've got the magic
02. I call your name
03. Satan
04. I wanna be your puppy
05. Hvala
06. Need money
07. Chicken space pie
08. Countdown
09. The drug train
10. Milk milk milk
11. Black hole

Recorded by Mériadeg Orgebin
Mastered by Damien Tillaut
Tom Bodlin saxophone on Need money
Nicolas Cueille add drums on Hvala


Ecstasy / Comedown

Kythibong - 2014
7’’ + MP3 2 tracks

01. Ecstasy
02. Comedown

Recorded and mixed by Mériadeg Orgebin
Artwork by Jakobek B

Sold Out