The Healthy Boy


"Days turn" demo version (2008)
Directed by Kids of Eighties


Benjamin Nerot started out in his bedroom playing guitar and singing in his deep voice everyday stories of lust and despair.

His music surrounds you like fog leading you frightened and amazed, giving ittle clues on where you might be going, one by one, elegantly.

The Healthy Boy has found perfect partners in the band Zero, a step out of solitude and onto new paths under the name The Healthy Boy and the Badass Motherfuckers.
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Décennie : Couverture

Kythibong - 2012
cardboard sleeve CD 17 tracks
17 bands from the label covering 17 others for the Kythibong 10th anniversary

01. ROOM 204 - The sleeper (Belone Quartet)
02. FORDAMAGE - No i'm not (Pneu)
03. MARVIN - Intelligent horses (Papier Tigre)
04. LE TON MITÉ - Interrupteur du sol (Choochooshoeshoot)
05. PAPAYE - Eroto manuel (Sieur Et Dame)
06. GRATUIT - 123 Kg (Chausse Trappe)
07. MANSFIELD.TYA - Antsome people (Argument)
08. PAPIER TIGRE - Watermelon frappé (Papaye)
09. 2 CHAUSSE TRAPPE + 1 FORDAMAGE - Bar diving (Room204)
10. 31KNOTS - To clean my thoughts (The Healthy Boy & The Badass Motherfuckers)
11. PIANO CHAT - You're the woman (Mansfield.TYA)
12. ELECTRIC ELECTRIC - Jus de dune (Le Ton Mité)
13. BELONE QUARTET - Aburne (Fordamage)
14. PNEU - Copainscabana (Marvin)
15. CHOOCHOOSHOESHOOT - Mon sang (Gratuit)
16. THE HEALTHY BOY - The left side (Electric Electric)
17. SIEUR ET DAME - Ours molaire (Piano Chat)

Mastered by Carl Saff
Front picture : Scott Henderson
Layout : Kythibong International


Jusqu'à ce que nous soyons repus

Kythibong - 2008
jewelbox CD 9 tracks

01. There are things
02. To hug my rose
03. Time to escape
04. A fire burns
05. Ashes
06. Fight fire with fire
07. Dancing burning bodies
08. Last glance
09. Days turn

Guests : Eric Aldéa, Ivan Chiossone, Franck Laurino
Recorded and mixed in Nantes in December 2007 and June 2008 by Antoine Bellanger except "Time to escape" and "Days turn" recorded in Lyon in Juin 2008 by Cédric Beron
Mastered by Ivan Chiossone
Painting by Adélaïde Gaudéchoux
Pic by Vincent Pouplard


A Two Steps Promenade

Kythibong - 2005
jewelbox CD 8 tracks

01. Lies
02. Forgotten things
03. All over the seas
04. You : the queen
05. No taste
06. Loneliness
07. Today
08. Picture of death

Guest : Aymeric Chaslerie
Recorded and mastered by Gaëtan Rechin Le Kyhuong in august 2005 except "today" recorded by Antoine Bellanger in 2004 and "Picture of death" home-recorded in 2005
Drawings by Adélaïde Gaudéchoux

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