Piano Chat


"Leaving the city" from "Lands" (2014)
Directed by Marceau Boré

"Ours Molaire" from "Ours Molaire" (2011)
Directed by Marceau Boré


Marceau Boré can do it all by himself. 

His pop songs change into punk rock hymns on stage, full-fledged energy concentrated on his guitar loops, drums, keyboards, vocals and …confetti.

The songs are about love…amongst other things.
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Kythibong - 2014
digisleeve CD / LP + MP3 8 tracks

01. Ouverture
02. Forest
03. Blond
04. Time Of Love
05. Fragile Lands
06. Leaving The City
07. Julia
08. Nous Irons Nous Promener

Guests : Funken, Yann Tiersen, JB Geoffroy, Mesparrow, Felicity Greenfields, Fab De Macedo
Recorded in May 2013 by Funken & Fabien De Macedo in Pierre Lambla's house, Thoré La Rochette, France
Mixed by Fabien De Macedo
Mastered by Carl Saff in November 2013 at Saff Mastering, Chicago, USA
Drawings and scribbling by Marion Jdanoff


Décennie : Couverture

Kythibong - 2012
cardboard sleeve CD 17 tracks
17 bands from the label covering 17 others for the Kythibong 10th anniversary

01. ROOM 204 - The sleeper (Belone Quartet)
02. FORDAMAGE - No i'm not (Pneu)
03. MARVIN - Intelligent horses (Papier Tigre)
04. LE TON MITÉ - Interrupteur du sol (Choochooshoeshoot)
05. PAPAYE - Eroto manuel (Sieur Et Dame)
06. GRATUIT - 123 Kg (Chausse Trappe)
07. MANSFIELD.TYA - Antsome people (Argument)
08. PAPIER TIGRE - Watermelon frappé (Papaye)
09. 2 CHAUSSE TRAPPE + 1 FORDAMAGE - Bar diving (Room204)
10. 31KNOTS - To clean my thoughts (The Healthy Boy & The Badass Motherfuckers)
11. PIANO CHAT - You're the woman (Mansfield.TYA)
12. ELECTRIC ELECTRIC - Jus de dune (Le Ton Mité)
13. BELONE QUARTET - Aburne (Fordamage)
14. PNEU - Copainscabana (Marvin)
15. CHOOCHOOSHOESHOOT - Mon sang (Gratuit)
16. THE HEALTHY BOY - The left side (Electric Electric)
17. SIEUR ET DAME - Ours molaire (Piano Chat)

Mastered by Carl Saff
Front picture : Scott Henderson
Layout : Kythibong International


Ours Molaire

Kythibong/Lespourricords - 2011
digisleeve CD 7 tracks

01. Ours molaire
02. We always are foreigners
03. English roses
04. (à outrance)
05. La fontaine
06. Marymarymary
07. My muddy knees

Guests : Pneu on '(A Outrance)', Boogers on 'La Fontaine'
Recorded and mixed by Jérôme Vassereau in december 2009 and january 2010 at le Label Bleu in Tours
Mastered by Ivan Chiossone in april 2011
Pics by Patrick Verdier
Artwork by Marceau Boré