"Lointaine" from "Seules au bout de 23 secondes" (2009)
Directed by Murmeltier Bär

"Sur le plafond" from "Seules au bout de 23 secondes" (2009)
Directed by Charlie Mars

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Violin, guitar, bass, drums and piano, voices…goose bumps and heavy emotions that overwhelm us every time. The albums released through Vicious Circle Records are modern day classics.

Mansfield.TYA (Julia Lanoë and Carla Pallone) have a significant and somewhat peculiar personality combining baroque, punk, Elvis and electronics into their own world.
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Décennie : Couverture

Kythibong - 2012
cardboard sleeve CD 17 tracks
17 bands from the label covering 17 others for the Kythibong 10th anniversary

01. ROOM 204 - The sleeper (Belone Quartet)
02. FORDAMAGE - No i'm not (Pneu)
03. MARVIN - Intelligent horses (Papier Tigre)
04. LE TON MITÉ - Interrupteur du sol (Choochooshoeshoot)
05. PAPAYE - Eroto manuel (Sieur Et Dame)
06. GRATUIT - 123 Kg (Chausse Trappe)
07. MANSFIELD.TYA - Antsome people (Argument)
08. PAPIER TIGRE - Watermelon frappé (Papaye)
09. 2 CHAUSSE TRAPPE + 1 FORDAMAGE - Bar diving (Room204)
10. 31KNOTS - To clean my thoughts (The Healthy Boy & The Badass Motherfuckers)
11. PIANO CHAT - You're the woman (Mansfield.TYA)
12. ELECTRIC ELECTRIC - Jus de dune (Le Ton Mité)
13. BELONE QUARTET - Aburne (Fordamage)
14. PNEU - Copainscabana (Marvin)
15. CHOOCHOOSHOESHOOT - Mon sang (Gratuit)
16. THE HEALTHY BOY - The left side (Electric Electric)
17. SIEUR ET DAME - Ours molaire (Piano Chat)

Mastered by Carl Saff
Front picture : Scott Henderson
Layout : Kythibong International


Seules au bout de 23 secondes

Kythibong - 2009
LP 16 tracks

01. Long ago
02. Lointaine
03. Sur le plafond
04. Des journées ordinaires
05. Wasting my time
06. Silver silences II
07. Je ne rêve plus
08. Leave your hate
09. Why not die together
10. My lover is gone
11. Fantômes
12. You're the woman
13. So long
14. Dé-programmé
15. En plaintes et en déliés
16. Seules au bout de 23 secondes

Guests : Vale Poher, Antoine Bellanger, Jacques-Alexis Marcon, Etienne Bonhomme
Recorded and mixed by Antoine Bellanger at studio Sylvestre et Maucotel in 2007
Mastered by Harris Newman, Grey Market Mastering, Montréal
Drawings : Julie Redon-Acapulco
Screen-print by Force Béton

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