One album, a posthumous tape and memories of sweaty sets where the singer Paul Lacoste almost always lost it that’s what‘s left of Argument.

After they split up in 2006, Jonathan Seilman continued to play in a few different bands while Arthur de La Grandière and Pierre Antoine Parois teamed up with a child-hood friend to form Papier Tigre. Argument had an hardcore energy and a punk state of mind, four 20 year-olds, straight out of High school discovering a world full of possibilities, beer and rock.
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Kythibong/Lespourricords - 2009
Tape 6 tracks

01. Hidden
02. Police
03. Manifesto
04. A lightning struck my dick
05. I need you
06. Behind the door

Garage recording and mix by Antoine Lacoste in 2006
Cover by Janus
Design by Ti2

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Kythibong - 2005
jewelbox CD 12 tracks

01. Intro
02. Long way
03. To crave for a drink
04. Argument
05. Rich man
06. Antsome people
07. Professionnal
08. Go global
09. The heritage
10. Insanity
11. Burning
12. Expression

Home Recorded, mixed and mastered by Miguel Constantino in october-november 2004
Pics by Fabien Proyart
Layout by Ti2

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